Management of opportunities. (17.04.2016)

I have decided to write this article because I have a lot of questions from students of our training courses, our clients who started to move to the new version ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and those who only have started to develop quality or environment management system.

One of the difficult tasks that appeared during the review or development of the system was implementation of activities for management of opportunities.


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Some advice for FSSC certification scheme users. Sequel. (19.09.2015)

We have started discussion about selection and approval of suppliers in the previous article and now we are going to continue.

You have a lot of ways to approve the suppliers. And you need to choose one of them. I propose you the simple form that can help you to make your choice easier.

What should you remember? Before this phase you have done hazard assessment of materials. And you have found out that some of your suppliers bring you high level of hazard materials.

You should determine criteria which allow you to do your choice. For example, if it is high level of hazard materials supplier it should have either a FSSC 22000 (BRC or IFS) certificate mandatorily or at least it has to develop food safety system according to FSSC 22000 (BRC or IFS scheme) and in this case to provide documents which confirm that. The documents will prove your right choice.

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Some advice for FSSC certification scheme users. (30.07.2015)

I would like to remind you one of the ISO/TS 22002-1 requirements:

“9.2 Selection and management of suppliers.

There shall be a defined process for the selection, approval and monitoring of suppliers. The process used shall be justified by hazard assessment…”

What method do you use when you assess hazards?
Or you don’t use hazard assessment when you select your suppliers? May be you forgot about that. What about your auditors? Did they ask you?


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